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1. Introduction

1.1. This refund policy governs the refund process for services provided by Vinsuh Technology Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”).

1.2. By engaging the Agency’s services, clients agree to adhere to this refund policy.

2. Refund Eligibility

2.1. Refunds may be issued at the discretion of the Agency in the following circumstances:

a) If the Agency fails to deliver the agreed-upon services within the specified timeframe and is unable to rectify the situation within a reasonable period.

b) If the client provides evidence of dissatisfaction with the quality of services provided by the Agency and the Agency is unable to resolve the issue to the client’s satisfaction.

3. Refund Process

3.1. Clients must submit a refund request in writing to the Agency, clearly stating the reasons for the request and providing any relevant documentation or evidence.

3.2. The Agency will review the refund request and may request additional information from the client if necessary.

3.3. Refunds will be processed within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 30 days of approval of the refund request.

4. Non-refundable Items

4.1. The following items are non-refundable:

a) Any fees paid for services that have already been rendered by the Agency.

b) Any fees paid for third-party services or expenses incurred on behalf of the client.

5. Contact Information

Vinsuh Technology Private Limited
Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 7307817398

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